Chakra Healing Stones

Tiffany Compton

Chakras, an Ancient Sanskrit name, are wheels of spinning

energy located in specific areas of the body. Formed when

lines of energy running through the body overlap and cross

each other. Chakras have been studied for thousands of

years and have been incorporated into a wide variety of

spiritual practices. In our chakra healing we will

focus on seven primary chakras that run from the base of the

Spine to the head. The use of Charka Stones can bring balance

to your chakras and can help you acquire energy balance that is

essential to your overall emotional and physical well-being. Each stone

corresponds to one of the seven major energy centers of the body.



Chakra            Location          Color             Issue                 Stone



Root                   base of               RED               grounding,            jasper

                             spine                                     manifestation,



Sacral                abdomen        ORANGE          emotions,            orange

                                                                           relationships          calcite

                                                                              self worth                                                                                                     


Solar Plexus     solar plexus     YELLOW   personal  power,    tiger eye




Heart                  heart               GREEN               love,                   green                   

                                                                                trust,           bloodstone



Throat               throat                BLUE        communication,      sodalite




Third Eye         brow                PURPLE          intuition,             amethyst


                                                       connections to higher self


Crown        top of head       PINK/CLEAR      awareness,               rose

                                                          universal consciousness,       quartz



-Each chakra is associated to the color of the energy or Frequency the chakra emits.

When a chakra color is bright that’s a sign that the chakra energy is healthy.

When a chakra color is dull we know that it needs healing.



                    H E A L I NG

To clear and balance a specific energy center, try holding the stone of that chakra color

during meditation.


To promote free flow of energy through all seven chakras lie down with each stone in

its appropriate physical location.  Breathe and relax.


               S T O N E C A R E

 Each stone carries its own vibration and energy. They will have absorbed a range of 

energies that they have been exposed to by yourself and others who have handled

them and transformed various energies and emotions into them. Therefore,

its important to "cleanse" your stones as soon as you get them and on a

regular basis. here are several different methods you can use to do so.


Salt Water| Fully submerge stones into sea salt water for 1 to 24 hours.

Be careful as towhat stones you allow to soak for certain periods of time as

they will begin to disintegrate due to the salt. These does include quartz. Some

stones can require up to a week in sea salt water.


Moonlight | Place stones under full moon anytime after dusk to allow them

to soak up some luna action. You may even wish place them outside the

night before and after the full moon as well for an extra re-charging.


Sunlight | Placing your stones in the sunlight will re-energize your stones

. This is best in the morning sunlight but can be done at any time of the day.

Note the stoneswill absorb the rays even if it is a cloudy. Be careful of leaving

purple colored stones like amethyst out for long periods of time due to the sun

causing their color to fade.


Smudging |Using a sacred herb such as white sage, taking the tip of it to a flame,

letting it smoke, then holding the stone in the smoke for a few seconds. This is the

fastest method to clear stones.


Intention | Place stone in the palm of you hand, set an intention that the crystal be cleared

 of all energy, and then blow that intention into the stone.


Return to Earth |Mother Earth recharges stones with her vibrational energy

allowing stones to once again vibrate at the same frequency. Bury stones

completely and be sure to mark he area. If you don’t feel comfortable burying

your stones you can also leave them next to tree or bush for a period of time.

This allows the stone to find the earth again and re-connect.


 |Use your intuition to listen to your stones. They will speak to you  and tell you

what they are needing. Rather that be the sunlight or returned to the Earth.

This could come as a random thought or a feeling

 you get when hold them.  Just be aware and let them speak to you.|



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