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Welcome to Attuned with Settlement, Bewitched Bitches!

I named my first blog post Enlightened because I want to shed some light to you witches about why I began Settlement Boutique. Owning a boutique has been a dream of mine for quite some time and thanks to the support of my boyfriend, family, and friends it has finally became a reality. Everyday I feel like I learn something new and get one step closer to my life becoming exactly what I have dreamed of. Thanks to you bitches! I've known for along time that I was put here on this Earth to bring happiness and love to anyone I could reach. I wanted my boutique to be a place that everyone felt comfortable. A platform to spread awareness that no matter what, the way you feel about yourself will always be more important than what people say or think about you. The clothes that would be sold would offer self expression and a way to stand out. They would be pieces that not everyone and their mother would be wearing. I wanted the boutique to represent grounding your self in who you are. Several months ago I began my spiritual journey where I have been able to find myself, feel comfortable in my own skin, and finally become capable of basking in my own weirdness. This journey was not something I was searching for, I just stumbled upon it. Or manifested in my own special way. But guess what?! Along my journey(which is just beginning btw)I'm learned not to give a flying f*** what anyone thinks or says about me and I could not be more happy or at peace with myself. The light and the positive vibrations have since been flooding my life. Bam. That's when it hit me. If I could somehow combine my dream of the boutique and my spiritual journey I would have the most optimal way to bring happiness, love and grounding to as many people I as could possibly emit it to. Thus began Settlement. An online boutique that is at this moment is offering clothing and accessories but will very soon (DA DAN DAAA-HUGE ANNOUCEMENT) bring all my bewitched bitches metaphysical goods. I'm so excited and so grateful for all that has become and will become thanks you witches. One day, hopefully in the near future,  I'll be seeing you witches in your physical bodies standing inside of Settlement. So maybe this blog post was also a manifestation tool all this time ;) Light, love, and positive vibrations to you guys! Follow @thebewitchedbitch where you will find all things metaphysical and Settlement, including new blog posts weekly. Everything from crystals, Law of Attraction, Charkas, the moon, and aliens will be a topic. I'm in no way shape or form a master of any of these things. I'm learning new things every day, every second even, and my truth changes on a daily basis but I'll do my darndest to answer any and all of your questions. I would love to know your journey witches and any ideas or topics you would like to see on the blog. Oh, and please use #attunedwithsettlement in all of your metaphysical post or when you're rocking Settlement. I'm excited to embark on this journey with you all.

 - Love Settlement and The Bewitched Bitch

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